BYD-The story of a hanging gear shot blasting machine
Date:2018/11/13 22:18:37

       Over Hanger shot blasting machine is a common machine in shot blasting industry and almost every shot blasting manufacturer can manufacture this machine. So, our customer had many choices in the begining.

However, the situation for BYD Huizhou didn't end well in 2014 and three hanger machines were out of order.OEE has long floated into the clouds. For an automobile manufacturer every minute is very important for the production. Fault rate of equipment caused stress for production team.

This accident provide oppurtunity to Peentech and BYD purchased a hanging shot blasting machine from Peentech. During first month of operation of this machine, BYD shutdown its previous three shot blasting machines as those were unable to meet the productivity.

Three months later, BYD Changsha renewed its second model. 

4 years passed in a flash.

Our company aftersales visit BYD for the first visit of third installed machine.

       Adhere to quality, from customer satisfaction to customer loyalty, we have been working hard!!!

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                    Equipment produced in 2015                                   Production Equipment sep,2018  image.png  image.png

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