Valeo-A crawler shot blast machine that meets future needs
Date:2018/11/16 13:18:42

Valeo,A global supplier of automotive parts, with more than 30 factories in China. It is an excellent enterprise with the following certification.

1)TS16949 Quality Management System of Automotive Parts Production

2)ISO14001 Factory production environment system

3)ISO18001 Employee occupational safety and health system

However, for Jingzhou Valeo Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd., the environmental situation is not optimistic. A traditional material-carrying shot blasting machine puts a lot of pressure on the environmental management of the factory. At the beginning of 2018, the company found Shanghai Peentech to seek problem solving.

In order to meet the standard requirement of Valeo Jingzhou, Peentech specially designed a scheme.

1)With the machine's dust collector added secondary filtration system to meet indoor emission requirements.

2)Machine height was 3.8meters and was placed on the second floor of the factory.

3)An intelligent system for the machine was adopted which can show the real time energy loss, spare parts loss, pellet loss, equipment start rate and other functions.

The photo is of same machine 2000hours after upgrading and working.