Application of shot peening on crankshaft

1.Why the crankshaft needs shot peening

The engine provides power for vehicles and ships, and the crankshaft is an improtant component on the engine.

However, the operating environment of the crankshaft is harsh.

The crankshaft is not only subjected to the external torque, but also to the gas force in the cylinder and the cyclic load caused by internal force.Therefore, the stress state of the crankshaft is complicated, which leads to premature torsional fatigue damage and bending fatigue damage of the crankshaft.

After heat treatment, the surface of the crankshaft is often shot blast cleaned, and then the rounded corners are locally shot peened to improve the fatigue strength of the crankshaft.

2.Positions of the crankshaft prone to failure

Crankshaft journal R angle


3. Commonly used crankshaft surface cleaning and strengthening process

3.1. Crankshaft oxide scale cleaning

a). Coverage(Visual): 98%

b). Cleanuo level: Sa 2.5

c). Recommended media: CW32(0.8mm)/HRC44-52

d). Clean parts: Whole

3.2. Shot peening at the corner of the crankshaft

a). Intensity: 0.45-0.50 mmA

b). Coverage(Fluorescent): 98%

c). Recommended media: S330(0.8mm)/HV640

d). Shot peening parts: Crankshaft journal R angle


4. Crankshaft shot peening machine

4.1. Crankshaft surface cleaning and blasting machine

Recommend equipment: RT300-P280/2/7.5

Two-station rotary table shot blasting machine


4.2. Single corner chamfer shot peening machine

Recommend equipment: MT30-G15/1/R

Car type robot shot peening machine