Changshu AAM-Modification of Pneumatic Diaphragm valve of Imported Shot peening machine
Date:2019/1/29 8:24:13

Changshu Meiqiao Automobile Drive System Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. is the first factory of AAM  (one of the three major bridge companies in the world) in Asia, which is a wholly owned enterprise in the United States. It mainly produces automobile chassis system and power transmission system and spare parts.

Meiqiao Changshu has five American imported shot peening machines. Each machine's pressure tank is equipped with four pneumatic diaphragm valves. However, this valve is easy to be damaged. It lasts only about one year, and the purchase price is high and the cycle is long. In order to reduce the cost, Meiqiao found our Entai in Shanghai. After on-site evaluation, we decided to change the diaphragm valve to the standard valve of Entai pressure tank. The renovation cost of each equipment is less than 20,000 yuan, and the service life of the valve is also increased to 5-10 years, from vulnerable parts to non-vulnerable parts.