SAGW-story of transformation of turbine after two years
Date:2018/12/21 17:26:19

Shanghai Automotive Transmission Co., Ltd., the country's largest manufacturer of automotive transmissions, has annual sales of 15 billion Rmb.

The company is the earliest utilizer of shot blasting equipment in China, mainly used for scale cleaning after heat treatment of automobile gears.

The company has two old-fashioned machine hanging shot blasting machine and belt-driven machine.

Following three problems needed to solved:
1)Noise was high,Turbine operational noise was 85Dba

2)Leakage of abrasive,Turbine seal was broken.

3)Spare parts short life, needed to replace on monthly basis.

On 2016,Peentech changed it to advanced turbine P280.

After two years of usage, customer praised and appriciated the new turbine.

Solution are as follows:

1)Turbine Noise was reduced from 85Dba to 74Dba which shows excellent dynamic balance.

2) After ensuring the work efficieny turbine power was reduced from 11kw to 7.5kw,Saving energy cost of 30%.

3) Turbine blades which needed to replaced every month later needs to replace after every 4 months. Significantly, resulting in better performance, less downtime reduce spare parts and reduce labor cost.

4) Excellent sealing of turbine assurig zero leakage of abrasive.

PEENTECH's EMP service introduction:

EMP-(Equipment Modification Project) 

This service is one of our very special after-sales service, mainly for the modernization and upgrading of customer's old equipment. By adding our advanced component system, we can take old equipment to their youth. Ensure that users continue to grow their use needs.


            Before transformation in 2016                      After usage of 2 years on 21st,Dec,2018